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Kal RATS Aid Station at Ironman Canada!  


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30/01/2020 9:19 pm  

Things are really rolling for the IMC 2020 Aid Station Crew started by Kara Hoffman. Come and join the All Day Party by volunteering at Run Aid Station #4 of Ironman Canada on Sunday August 30. The 10:30-3:30 first shift is already filled up but there are still 29 spots left for the 3:15-10:00 afternoon shift. If you’ve already signed up for the morning shift, please consider also signing up for the second shift, which is when those runners will really need our encouragement and support.
At the signup page, scroll down to the 3:15 PM time slot and check the box beside “Run Aid Station #4 – Kal RATS”. Then scroll down to the bottom to complete and submit.

Here's the link:

Note: We've kept signup for this aid station open to the public so anyone can volunteer. Brings your friends, family...

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01/02/2020 4:29 am  

Second test and all is well.  Can't wait to run through Aid station #4!