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Kal RATS Holiday Run/Walk Challenge Details  


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13/12/2019 2:40 pm  

It's the Kal RATS Holiday Run/Walk Challenge!!!

Be entered to WIN a $200 DRAW PRIZE! Read the following info and let Gerry know ( or text 250-503-7302) if you want to participate so we can tell if we have enough people for the challenge to go ahead. We need at least 30 RATS enrolled to run the contest. Otherwise, the event will either be cancelled or possibly run with a smaller prize.

Commit to running at least 30 minutes on 3 of the 8 days from Dec. 25, 2019 to Jan 1, 2020 for entries to win. Treadmill running acceptable but outdoor preferred to get you out in the fresh air.
• Run 3 days = 3 entries
• Run 4-5 days = 4-5 entries
• Run all 8 days = 1 extra entry
Attend wrap-up event at Gerry and Linda’s on Sunday Jan 5 = 1 extra entry

NEW THIS YEAR! WALK CHALLENGE You can enter in the Walk category if you are one of those who is no longer able to run. This is not for someone who is temporarily injured but rather for someone who still wants to be active but can no longer handle the impact of running, due to cranky hips, knees, etc. Qualifying walks have to be purposeful fitness walks of 45 minutes or more, not a casual walk or window shopping downtown, etc.

Self-report your total number of qualifying runs/walks at the wrap-up event on Jan 5 or, if not attending that, to Gerry Naito at or text 250-503-7302 by Jan 4.

BONUS $50 Draw Prize: all club members who attend the wrap-up event on Jan 5, whether in the run/walk challenge or not, will be entered into a draw for the bonus prize.

BY Dec. 20, be sure to let Gerry ( or text 250-503-7302) know that you plan to participate so we can tell if we have enough people for the challenge to go ahead.

Membership has its benefits! Must be current Kal RATS member to participate. Talk it up with other RATS and former or potential RATS to see if they're interested in taking up this challenge to get moving over the holidays. For any lapsed or non-RATS who would like to participate, a membership purchased now is good until March 31, 2021. Membership is available at through .

Jan 5 Details: Meet at Gerry and Linda’s house 2406 14th Street, Vernon at 1:00 PM for the entry tallies, prize draw, and a reprise of the 2019 slide show. This is a post-lunch event but if you have some delicious Christmas baking left over or want to bring a favourite snack to share, please do so!

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24/12/2019 2:43 pm  

Thank you to all who have indicated they will join the run challenge. Unless we get a late surge in participation, the draw prizes will be reduced to $100 and $25. Club members still have until December 30 to start the challenge and get in their minimum of three runs. Don't forget the wrap-up event on January 5 to get together with your fellow runners, receive an extra entry in the draw, and see who the winners will be.

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03/01/2020 2:43 am  

Hi Gerry, 

I am happy to say that I walked everyday for the challenge and sometimes twice a day, I was in Cochrane over Xmas and the blue skies were amazing!! and then coming back to Vernon and trudging through kal park..

see you on the 5th, I am working that afternoon and won't be staying long.


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03/01/2020 11:36 pm  

Fantastic effort, everyone! Let me know your total runs or total walks here, via e-mail to or text 250-503-7302, especially if you're not coming to the wrap-up and draw event on Sunday at 1:00 PM. If you don't provide a total and don't come to the wrap-up, you might not be in the draw.