Successful Fundraiser for the Foodbank  


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27/10/2018 7:56 pm  

The RATS were outnumbered nearly 2 to 1 by members of the Starting Block Running Club at last night's Red Dress Run.  The SBRC members also made a significant contribution to the foodbank donating $200 in cash as well as several food items.  Thanks for your enthusiastic participation in this annual event and thank you Wendy for bringing the group together. 

Thanks also to the Wilson's who dropped off a bag bursting with food donations but declined to don their red dresses for the run 😥 .  

Our group was well received as we ran through several businesses and pubs/restaurants.  We ended our evening with food and beverages at the Naked Pig.

Hope to see more RATS out next year to support our local food bank and have some fun.