What exactly is the Kal RATS?  We are a triathlon & running sports club. We welcome everyone to our club–from beginners to experts.  Kal RATS is a registered non-profit that supports triathlon sports in the North Okanagan by producing races, hosting club workouts, raising funds, and supporting community sports related projects and volunteering at events.

Who do I contact for more information? Click here for our Club Executive list

What are the benefits of being a member? Meet other active people to socialize and work out with. There are Seasonal club workouts; Club socials, clinics, guest speakers; Opportunities to volunteer and fundraise for sport related projects; and Support for new athletes & members. Typical events include: Bike n’ Brunch, BBQ, Sprint Triathlon, Holiday Hill Climbs (bike), Apr-June weekly group rides, May-June track run group, June transition/triathlon clinics, Rattlesnake Point swim, stories night, Red Dress Run, Cross Country Race, Christmas Party, Holiday Run Challenge, Starting Block 10K run, AGM. Discounts for Kal RATS members are available at several local sports stores.

How can I join? Become a member or renew for the season using Zone4.ca.

Can I volunteer at an event if I’m not a Kal Rat member? Yes, volunteer help at events is greatly appreciated and a great way to see how much fun RATS can have. Click here for a list of volunteer positions.

What exactly is the club’s relationship with The Starting Block? The Starting Block is a running shoe and apparel store on 3100 29th Ave in Vernon. Wendy, one of the owners of the shop, is also one of the founding members of the Kal RATS. She very kindly donates storage space in the store’s basement for our club equipment.  Please feel free to drop into The Starting Block to talk to Wendy about the club, but please keep in mind that she is also running a store, so we must ensure that our club activities do not interfere with her business.

Can I borrow or rent the club’s equipment? There are bike boxes available for members to borrow when traveling with a bike.  These are available on a first ask, first get basis (contact Kit Johaneson at kljohanes@shaw.ca for more information).  It is Kal RATS policy that we do not loan out the club’s equipment, with exception to a few long standing community partners (KidSport, Do it for Dad, Terry Fox Run). We need the equipment to put on our races, and we can’t afford to risk any damage to or loss of the equipment. Email our club president if you would like more information.

Does the club donate money to other organizations or to athletes for special events?  Yes. The KalRATS have established the annual Al Hubbard Scholarship, provided financial support to members travelling for international competition, and recently have raised and donated over $2000 to the Okanagan Rail Trail initiative.  We do not take requests for donations from organizations, but club members may make suggestions of organizations or projects deserving our support. Club members requesting support must submit a written request to the club executive. Each request will be evaluated individually.